Startup Founders Announced for Working For Equity Panel at SVCC 2012

For the third year in a row I will moderate a panel of startup founders sharing lesson learned bootstrapping a technology startup at Silicon Valley Code Camp. This "Working for Equity" session will be on Sunday Oct 7 at 9:15am. Here is the announcement Many of us in Silicon Valley [...]

Kurt Lewin on Insight

I came across a great essay on insight,  “Behavior and development as a function of the total situation (1946)”, written by Kurt Lewin in a collection of his papers published as “Resolving Social Conflict & Field Theory in Social Science.”  Here are some excerpts and commentary: […]

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Mastermind Open House 11am Sat-Sep-22-2012 at GroundFloorSV

When:  11am to 1pm Sat-Sep-20 Where: Ground Floor Silicon Valley, 2030 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara, CA Register: Cost:  No Charge for Open House but a monthly charge will apply if you want to join a regular group We launched two new Mastermind groups about six months ago in response [...]

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See You at Lean Startup Conference 2012

Here's why I am excited about attending the Lean Startup Conference on Dec-3-2012 and offering a workshop there with Scott Sambucci on "Engineering Your Sales Process" on the day after. Q: What aspect of lean startup methods most inspires you? Lean Startup methods recognize that new markets in particular require [...]

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Forming and Leading Teams of Experts at PMI-SV Sep-17

We do a lot of work with experts in a variety of fields including law, medicine, proteomics, genomics, electronic design, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, text analytics, process mining, subsurface modeling of oil and gas deposits, parallel and  heterogeneous computing, thermal engineering, design automation, and knowledge worker collaboration. This has [...]

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Three Great Books on Generating Innovative Business Ideas

These three books contain a wealth of useful suggestions for generating innovative business ideas from observing, questioning, and networking with customers and others: "The Innovator's DNA" by Christensen, Dyer, and Gregerson outlines a set of five skills that innovator's use to develop entrepreneurial ideas: questioning, observing, networking, experimenting, and associating. [...]

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Take a Moment To Remember 11 Years Ago

The 9-11 attack may be the question for my middle age that "where were you when John Kennedy was assassinated?" was in my youth. Osama bin Laden is now dead but the forces he helped to organize are still at work. Take a moment to remember 11 years ago and [...]

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