Mastermind Open House 11am Sat-Sep-22-2012 at GroundFloorSV

When:  11am to 1pm Sat-Sep-20
Where: Ground Floor Silicon Valley, 2030 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara, CA
Cost:  No Charge for Open House but a monthly charge will apply if you want to join a regular group

We launched two new Mastermind groups about six months ago in response to several requests from entrepreneurs who wanted to form an advisory board of peers with a deeper understanding of each other’s businesses and shared accountability. One group meets two  Saturday mornings a month, the other meets two Wednesday afternoons a month 4-6pm.

Come to the open house and see if you feel comfortable with the other folks that attend

The difference between these mastermind meetings and a Bootstrapper Breakfast meeting is that anyone is welcome to drop in to a breakfast when they feel like it.  Mastermind groups are the same entrepreneurs meeting twice a month to compare notes and hold each other accountable for goals and commitments. Over time these entrepreneurs  will get to know each other better than the average breakfast attendee.

There is no charge for this open house but if you decide to join a facilitated small group there is a small monthly subscription.

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