Good Surveys Spark Conversations, Poor Ones Exhaust Prospects’ Patience

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About once a week or so I get a request that looks like:

Can you please fill out my 40 question survey to help me understand the market need for my new B2B product?

Here’s the thing. In B2B market you want the survey to start a conversation not to extract as much info as possible  but leave you without the potential for a relationship. What are the three most important things you need to know? Can you frame your questions in a way that communicates an understanding of the prospect’s needs  and a commitment to solving their problem?

If I don’t know you provide some links that point to blog posts or other indicators that you are real person with a deep interest in the problem you plan to address.  Give me some reasons to start a conversation with you if I believe that I have the problem you are asking about.

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