Simple Client Satisfaction & Process Improvement Survey

Whether it’s a free phone call or a working session, a workshop, or a longer term engagement we normally send the following four question survey to all of the participants:

Please help us improve our engagement and service delivery processes.

Please take five minutes and answer the following four questions with one or two items that come to mind.

  1. What questions or suggestions that we offered were most useful?
  2. What were the least useful?
  3. What did we fail to do that you expected us to do?
  4. What else can we do to improve our practice.

We get a high response rate often learn things to do more of  (and less of) to improve our practice.  Feel free to adapt this to your own purposes.

For longer engagements we will often have a partner who had the little contact with the client (and who will therefore not be evaluated) call and ask these questions:  it’s always easier to give bad news indirectly and a disinterested party is better able to probe for the good and areas needing improvement.

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