BeamWise Debuts Zemax Integration at Photonics West 2015

BeamWise will be demonstrating an integration with Zemax at Photonics West 2015. Stop by our booth #4034 to see a demo of our bidirectional interface with Zemax.  We are excited to be accepted into the Zemax partner program.

BeamWise-Zemax integration demo at Photonics West 2015


  • BeamWise is a design automation tool for complex photonic systems.
  • It provides model-based design and configuration solutions.
  • With BeamWise, an instrument designer can quickly define an optical system interactively, using real optomechanical components.
  • At any time the designer can verify or optimize the optical performance using Zemax simulation before validating the design on an optical bench.
  • We show an instrument designer sketching a preliminary design from catalog components and sending it to Zemax for optical analysis.
  • We start by modeling an optical resonator in BeamWise.
  • BeamWise allows the designer to position the optical elements at specific locations and defer selecting fixtures or mounts.
  • This is a traditional optical resonator made from bulk optical components arranged in a triangular cavity. The challenge is to control the beam size so that the amplified beam can be merged into the output.
  • BeamWise associates a catalog URL with every optical component. This allows the designer at any time to review the supplier’s on-line catalog specifications–including price and availability.
  • Once the initial schematic is complete the designer can optimize lens positions by exporting the design to Zemax using the standard DDE interface
  • The optical designer adds a merit function to match the reflected and amplified beam sizes and defines a variable for the lens spacing. An optimization is run and the lens spacing is adjusted from 75 to 105,
    creating a beam width match of less than one part per million
  • Next the designer imports the new lens positions from Zemax. The BeamWise model is updated dynamically. You can see the lenses snap into their new locations.
  • Now the designer can add the fixturing and posts for each optical element. BeamWise guides the selection by only suggesting supports that are appropriate.
  • BeamWise also generates an assembly drawing to guide the detailed placement and construction of a benchtop prototype.
  • Since cost is always a consideration in any system, a costed bill of materials can be generated at any stage in the evolution of the design.
  • We have shown you how BeamWise supports the exploration of design options for an optical bench setup at a full instrument level and provides a bidirectional link with Zemax.

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  • Don’t miss Dr. Giacomo Vacca, BeamWise’s Chief Science Officer talk on Flow Cytometry Trends and Drivers Monday Feb-9-2015 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Check out the BeamWise models on display in the Excelitas booth (#1723).  BeamWise was used to design the floor demo flow cytometer and two other systems shown in their booth.

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