Month: March 2015

Quotes For Entrepreneurs–March 2015

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How to Keep Cash Flow Positive Fri-Mar-27 at Mtn View BB

I can still remember Steve Hogan’s first visit to a Bootstrapper Breakfast at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View in early 2011. A recent transplant from Boston he had worked as an executive in technology startups and as a turnaround specialist for more than two decades. He had an infectious warmth that made you feel …

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The Uncanny Valley of Email Automation

Trust is built over repeated interactions between people. If your business requires long term relationships then you have to make sure that investments in automation are not deployed in a way that undercut your ability to have real conversations. Unfortunately, some uses of email automation tools are pushing sales conversations into the “Uncanny Valley” because …

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Q: How Do I Interest People In My Product?

Q: We have a product for bloggers but I am having a lot of trouble getting leads. I have met bloggers from popular media companies at events, I have cold called them, e-mailed them, and e-mailed to on-line groups that I am a member of. None of this has worked. How do I interest people …

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Flower Sidewalk

Entrepreneurs Exploit Errors in Conventional Wisdom

Four excerpts on how entrepreneurs exploit errors in conventional wisdom. The first two are from a Feb-8-2001 public forum that was part of BusinessWeek’s “Captains of Industry” series, where Oracle Corp. CEO Lawrence J. Ellison sat down with Editor-in-Chief Stephen B. Shepard. The last two are from Peter Thiel’s CS183 class lecture on secrets.

A Repository For Dreams

I really like this 2013 passage by Patrick Brady from his “Enter the Deuce Series” that addresses his desire to make his son a repository for dreams. It offers useful insights for both parents and entrepreneurs. I cut it from  my “If you are cycling through chaos keep pedaling” post but I liked it so much …

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If You Are Cycling Through Chaos, Keep Pedaling

Patrick Brady writes at “Red Kite Prayer” on cycling and related topics. His blog took a very personal turn in February of 2013 with a post entitled “Any Normal Person.” In reading the series I was reminded of a remark Irwin Federman made to MMI employees when were using four day work weeks (actually five …

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Eric Berne on Winners and Losers

The psychiatrist Eric Berne created transactional analysis for psychotherapy and authored 8 books on psychiatry and human psychology, the most famous is the 1964 Games People Play. Berne defines a winner has having four key qualities:

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