Explaining Early Customers and Early Revenue

We help founders find leads and close deals; our focus is on early customers and early revenue for technology and expertise-enabled products and services. We specialize in complex and orchestrated sales to businesses.

Here is my attempt to elaborate on this explanation of what we do using only the thousand most commonly used English words in written English (fiction).

Using Only the Thousand Most Used English Words

XKCD UP GOER FIVEWe help business people make money with new things they have built by helping them get better at how they talk and write about the new things.

We talk to people who bought the new things to listen to why they did; we also ask what they stopped doing and especially if they stopped buying something else to buy the new thing the business people made. We talk to people who were asked to buy but did not buy the new things and listen to why they did not; we also ask if they bought something else instead. From this we learn how to talk and write about the new things better and which people will more often buy new things.  We also learn how much money the business people should ask for when people want to buy the new things they have built.

We help business people ask for money for new things they have built by talking and listening to the people who will most often buy new things to learn their needs.

We help business people learn how to make the new things better from the answers we and they get talking to people who may buy the new things. People buy the better things more often and will often pay more money for better things, this means that the business people make more money from the better new things they build.

We help business people explain their new ideas for new things they may build to people who may buy them. This allows the business people to fix their ideas for new things and plan how to make them better before they build the new things.

We help business people find ideas for new things they can make money with by helping them learn about and understand the needs of people who may buy new things from what those people say and write. We focus on how people who may buy new things use old things and the problems that they have. Where possible, we watch them use old things to learn more about their problems and needs, even problems and needs that they may not realize they have.

I Used Theo Anderson’s “Up-Goer Five” Text Editor

I used the “The Up-Goer Five text editor” built by Theo Anderson (@TheoSanderson) who was inspired by Randall Munroe’s beautiful labelled diagram of the Saturn V rocket. Anderson’s goal is to bring clarity to complex explanations by avoiding jargon. The text editor that flags any words that are not one of the thousand most commonly used in the English language. Try your hand at describing your new product or service.

Up Goer Five Poster

The XKCD Store has an Up Goer Five Poster: This is a 12″x48″ poster of Comic #1133. It’s a diagram of the Saturn V using only the ten hundred words people use the most often. The rocket should be pointing up, or you will not go to space today.


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