Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

Leonard Nimoy played Spock, the science officer on the starship Enterprise in the original 1960’s television series, the first six movies in the franchise that followed, and many of the Star Trek spinoff movies and series thereafter. Nimoy infused Spock’s character with a detached rationalism that resonated with many who [...]

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David Telleen-Lawton Offers Value Proposition Workshop to Danish Startups

Innovation Center Denmark invites David Telleen-Lawton to present his Lean Canvas & Value Proposition Workshops to their top startup companies. This series of workshops is part of the Danish government’s globalization strategy with the objective to turn Denmark into a leading knowledge based economy. Lean Canvas Workshop included: Why do [...]

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Some Unsolicited Advice From David Cain

David Cain wrote a thought provoking, practical, and inspiring blog post today on “67 short pieces of advice you didn’t ask for.”  Here are seven pieces of unsolicited advice that I took away, I have preserved his original numbering and added a few comments to particularize them for entrepreneurs. […]

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