Month: January 2015

Brooke Allen’s Hiring Process

Ask yourself this question, “What do employers owe the people they do not hire?” Brooke Allen’s answer from “How my life was changed when I began caring about the people I did not hire” offers three great suggestions for the startup hiring process.

Bootstrapper Breakfast: Real Recognizes Real

I had a great conversation with a first timer after today’s Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale. He was a serious entrepreneur who had been bootstrapping for two years and he said, “Real recognizes real, this is the first entrepreneur Meetup I’ve been to where I have been able to talk about my challenges and get practical advice. …

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5 Ways To Start Customer Discovery Interviews

Customer discovery interviews are essential to testing key B2B product hypotheses and understanding your target customers’ needs. Broadly there are five ways that you can reach out to potential customers for a discovery conversation. All of them assume that you have a clear picture of who your target is and a few key questions that …

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Six Excerpts From “Carve the Sky”

Alexander Jablokov‘s first novel, “Carve the Sky,” has a number of elegantly phrased observations and insights. It’s science fiction, set about four centuries hence in a world where humanity has survived a nuclear war and expanded into the Solar System at least as far as the Asteroid Belt. Here are six excerpts that I found …

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Few–If Any–Silicon Valley Secrets

I signed up for a mailing list a while ago from a reasonably famous entrepreneur and he sent me this mass email in late November promising to share “Silicon Valley Secrets.” I don’t know if it’s because I have worked in Silicon Valley for more than three decades but I found the whole thing kind of sad …

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Connect With Your Purpose

Bud Caddell (blog “What Consumes Me“) is someone I have been following for a while. He started a new consulting company and I thought I would reach out to see if there were partnership opportunities. He is in his 30’s but suddenly feeling his mortality–see “The Merchant of Death is Dead“–so his application process asked …

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