Brooke Allen’s Hiring Process

Ask yourself this question, “What do employers owe the people they do not hire?” Brooke Allen’s answer from “How my life was changed when I began caring about the people I did not hire” offers three great suggestions for the startup hiring process.

  1. Information on where they stand.
  2. An explanation of what they are doing wrong.
  3. Help improving.

Most bootstrappers offer cash and equity for cofounders and employees. Brooke Allen took it much further: he committed to helping everyone who applied and invested energy in understanding his business needs. This is fantastic idea.

Be Strategic: Your Hiring Process Can Foster
Goodwill And Long Term Relationships

Even though most bootstrappers cannot run a multi-week training course as he did they can still play a “long game” and do what they can to treat applicants as potential partners and members of a common interest group. This approach lays the groundwork for a variety of different types of future collaboration, not the least of which is to encourage the ones who were not selected to make you aware of potential opportunities as a way to reciprocate for the assistance that you provided.

Bootstrappers cannot let transactional thinking and urgent hiring needs crowd out the benefits of long term thinking.

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