How to Keep Cash Flow Positive Fri-Mar-27 at Mtn View BB

BB_logo(r)I can still remember Steve Hogan’s first visit to a Bootstrapper Breakfast at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View in early 2011. A recent transplant from Boston he had worked as an executive in technology startups and as a turnaround specialist for more than two decades. He had an infectious warmth that made you feel comfortable immediately and is stories contained the kinds of insights about what can go wrong that you only gain by being “in the room” as things are going sideways.

He became and regular and welcome attendee at the breakfasts and encouraged a number of entrepreneurs to check us out. I always try and ask newcomers, “how did you hear about us?” The most common answer after “Meetup” is “I heard this guy Steve Hogan give a talk on running a startup and he suggested the Bootstrapper Breakfast was a good place to meet other startup entrepreneurs.”

Since his first visit he has started Tech-RX, a new type of venture capital with a unique investment strategy of financing companies that require not only funding but also critical management assistance.

“I have the best job in the world! At Tech-Rx, I get to work with innovative young companies with interesting technology and products, and help them to realize their potential. I love early-stage and startup companies, particularly those that can have a significant positive impact on the way people lead their lives and do business.”
Steve Hogan, Managing Partner Tech-Rx

He has agreed to give us a 15 minute briefing on will give a 15 minute briefing on “7 Tips for Keeping Your Cash Flow Positive” in addition to our regular roundtable discussion format tomorrow at Red Rock. Steve is an engaging speaker and the roundtable format is designed to encourage questions and a lot of interaction so bring any challenges you would like to discuss and join the conversation.

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