Lead Generation Using Assessments and Quizzes

My favorite technique for building a mailing list is assessments and quizzes. They provide immediate value to your website visitor and are fun and engaging way to capture their email address.

Here are some recent ones I have done:

The EZ-Badge quiz is a short fun engaging personality quiz with 7 questions.

GEM quiz



The Risk Reducing Milestones quiz helps entrepreneurs prioritize their activity.

Risk Reducing Milestones
Image source: Jrg Schiemann



To support her book,  Henna Inam wanted a to provide a detailed customized assessment to her readers. It is a comprehensive assessment with average scores in seven practice areas. The 12-page report provides detailed advice and next steps with a customized action plan.

Authenticity Assessment


This leadership assessment has 45 questions and evaluates your strength of 9 leadership qualities.

Leadership superpowers


Polls are a great way to get engagement and survey members for recommendations.


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