Angel Rampy on Influence Skills for Technical People

What skills do you need to influence the way other people think?


Angel Rampy, business coach at Success Through Learning, covers the different levels from which we influence moving us from “telling” to “collaborating”. She shares tips for strengthen our ability to influence others. Here are a couple of interesting video snippets from her talk.  The first one she shares how to influence people like Steve Jobs.


In this video, Angel Rampy encourages us two use both push and pull techniques. And how do we move from conflict to problem solving.

More about Angel Rampy

Angel Rampy specializes in coaching and training professionals in the United States. She brings a local and international perspective to her
coaching and training services. She has worked with many global organizations and professionals in Silicon Valley.

Her interpersonal and analytical skills—and her results-oriented approach—make Angel a trusted advisor for people and companies. Unlike most coaches, Angel has expertise in a variety of coaching methods, giving her the versatility to provide the “right” coaching approach and training for the person and situation.

Watch the full webinar


Resources from the talk and chat


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