2023 – This year’s experiment

Chalk Talks for Startups


Every year we design experiments – new things we try. Our 2023 experiment was doing short 2 minute videos – chalk talks. Below is a roundup of some of our favorites.


Chalk Talk on “Managing Risk In Technology Adoption” that covers some of key challenges technology providers have with getting companies to use their products.



Sean Murphy explains Steward Brand’s model for How Buildings Learn and applies it to rate of building innovation.


1-2-4-1 PLANNING

Sean Murphy explains a four phase project planning model, 1-2-4-1, which allocates time to planning, prototyping key challenges, finishing the bulk of the work, and polishing.



In this video Sean Murphy shares reflections on serendipity and explore Jason Roberts’ Luck Surface Area model to help you increase your luck.


Our 2023 Experiment

So far, the hardest part of these videos is keeping Sean to 2 minutes!

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A Note on Chalk Talks

Although “chalk talks” were our 2023 experiment the first one, “A Chalk Talk on Technology Adoption” was completed in 2010 using a real whiteboard and video cameras. None of this “voice over slides” or “voice over animation” that provides a clearer result in a fraction of time. We will continue mix it up this year, I may try and do some 3×5 card based illustrations and try out some new sketching tools to move like Excalidraw to beyond PowerPoint.

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