Reflections on Serendipity

For startups, regardless of the niche or product being sold, visibility is arguably one of the single most critical challenges faced. You can have the coolest solutions in the world, but if nobody knows it exists, it’s essentially worthless. And this is why visibility is so important. In this video we share our reflections on serendipity and explore Jason Roberts’ Luck Surface Area model to help you increase your luck.

Reflections on serendipity and luck

Luck is a happy accident that starts with an unforeseen event, a chance remaråk, a glimpse of the unfamiliar, or something you read. Then you gain a new insight applicable to your business or recognize a new opportunity.

Luck is also a skill you can cultivate to provoke opportunities by reaching out to others to ask for help, offer help, share insights, and show work in progress.

We can make our own luck, we can develop luck as a skill and use it to move our businesses forward.

Luck is a combination of doing and telling. Doing is your hard work and passion. Telling is effective communication with a number of right people.

We make our own luck

Jason Roberts’ model has some implications for how much effort you invest in doing and telling.

We’ve all met a lot of folks who work very hard, but never really talk about what they are doing. As a result, few people have heard of them.  They are less likely to “luck” into some big opportunity.

The other extreme is the people who are forever talking about what they are going to do.

Everyone has heard about them, but they don’t do very much. They might be better served to focus more on putting their ideas into effect.

With a limited amount of time, the best approach balances doing and telling. If you can match your doing and your outreach, you will likely gain more luck than any other alternative. Luck is a skill you can cultivate with the right mindset. It allows you to spot and gain new opportunities.

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