8 Questions to ask before signing up for a pitch competition

Before paying money to pitch, it’s important to ask relevant questions to ensure you make an informed decision. Pitching to investors may secure funding and help accelerate your business. Here are questions you should consider asking before you sign up for a pitch competition:

  1. What is the format and duration of the pitch event? Understanding the structure and length of the event will help you prepare and plan accordingly. If they tell you that you have 5 minutes to present you should rehearse your presentation so that it does not run over.
  2. Who are the target investors or attendees? Knowing the profile of the investors or attendees can help you assess if they align with your target audience or potential investors. Knowing who will be present during your pitch can help you tailor your presentation and gauge the potential impact of your pitch.
  3. How many startups will be pitching at the event? Understanding the number of competing startups can give you an idea of the level of competition and the time you’ll have to present your pitch.
  4. What is the track record or success rate of previous participants? Ask about the success rate of previous participants to get some insights into the credibility and effectiveness of the pitch event. Talk to past winners.
  5. Are there any additional costs or hidden fees involved? Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the financial commitment beyond the initial payment. Some events may have additional costs such as travel expenses or service fees.
  6. What support or resources are provided to participants? Find out if the event provides any additional support or resources that can enhance your pitch, such as coaching, mentorship, networking opportunities, or post-pitch support.
  7. Can I receive feedback or evaluations after the pitch? Feedback is crucial for improvement and growth. Ask if there is an opportunity to receive feedback or evaluations after the pitch to help you enhance your skills and refine your presentation.
  8. What post-event support or resources are available? Ask if there are any resources or support systems provided to participating startups after the event, such as mentorship, incubation programs, or follow-up opportunities.

Remember to evaluate the answers to these questions and weigh them against your own goals, resources, and priorities before making a decision to pay for a pitching opportunity.

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