Three Sales Pitches That Never Really Work

Here are three sales pitches that never really work with some suggestions for how to improve them.

strike outs: sales pitches that never really workThree Sales Pitches That Never Really Work


  • Poor: “we are almost out of money, can you please help us to continue so we can meet payroll and keep our office open.”
  • Better: “Here’s the return (value, timeframe) we think you will see from your investment.”

Joint Marketing  / Joint Sales

  • Poor: We don’t have any customers yet, we have this really cool technology, can you please introduce use to some of your major customers?
  • Better: “Here are internal benchmarks, do you have any customers with this problem? We think we can help.”
  • Best:  “Here are testimonials about us  from two of your customers, here are two ways we think our firms can collaborate more effectively to create more value for our customers in common.”

Approaching Early Customers

  • Poor: “Would you like to play with this?”
  • Poor: “Would you like to use this?”
  • Poor: “Would you feel bad if our free product was discontinued?”
  • Poor: “You would be really stupid not to try our product.”
  • Better: “Do you have these symptoms? Here is the problem we think you have and here is how we can help you solve it.”

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