Newsletter: Early Sales

Our May/June 2016 newsletter highlights early sales for entrepreneurs, who are motivated not by a quota but the need to meet payroll or otherwise keep their startup solvent.

May/June 2016 Newsletter: Early Sales

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Selling for entrepreneurs is about establishing rapport, project management, and acting as a change agent. The need to listen, communicate clearly, and build trust over time  has not changed. I think the most difficult challenge in sales is maintaining an appropriate perspective and emotional distance from deals: balancing fear, greed, and frustration to maintain empathy and a clear understanding of business objectives. To a first order sales people worry about making quota, entrepreneurs worry about making payroll. It’s a different mindset.

Early Sales Efforts Foster Value Co-CreationEarly Sales Efforts Foster Value Co-Creation

Two key tasks we help early stage teams with are preparing for and executing successful negotiations of complex long-term business relationships. These early sales efforts must foster value co-creation with customers because both parties understanding of requirements will continue to evolve as the product is deployed and gains wider use.

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Cutting Your Teeth In SalesCutting Your Teeth In Sales

If you are an entrepreneur then sales is always a part of your responsibility. Perhaps not your primary responsibility, but always something that your actions impact directly.  Here are some tips for cutting your teeth in sales.

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traction-bookInterview by Gabriel Weinberg: “Sean Murphy on the First Dozen Enterprise Customers“

My interview with Gabriel Weinberg was the basis for the opening of his chapter on Sales in a fantastic book for entrepreneurs called “Traction.”

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Three Sales Pitches That Never Really WorkThree Sales Pitches That Never Really Work

Here are three sales pitches that never really work with some suggestions for how to improve them.

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