Newsletter: Strategies for a Winning Sales Presentation

SKMurphy August 2015  Newsletter

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Strategies for a Winning Sales Presentation

We’ve all seen it–people listening to a sales presentation, eyes glazed over and their minds wandering anywhere but on what the speaker is saying. As an entrepreneur, whether you’re selling yourself or your products and services, it’s critical to avoid the missteps that put prospects to sleep and kill the deal.

News1Great Demo! Methodology Offers a Lean Approach to Sales and Presentations 

I had an epiphany recently about the congruence between Peter Cohan‘s Great Demo! methodology and a lean approach to sales and presentation practices

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News2Sales Is A Conversation Driven By Mutual Curiosity

The best demo–a Great Demo!–is a conversations driven by mutual curiosity.  Your goal is to learn more about a prospect’s current situation and needs while they want to learn more about your product and services and how you can help them.

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news3Four Presentation Traps to Avoid

Mike Monteiro offered “13 Ways Designers Screw Up a Client Presentation–And One Weird Trick” in a Sep-13-2014 blog post:
many of these are also applicable to entrepreneurs making presentations to prospects.

news4Recap of “How To Give a Great Demo” at CoFounders Club Wed-Apr-16-2014

I had a great time at the Cofounder Club last night. Dea Wilson, founder of  Lifograph and organizer for the Meetup, invited me to talk about “Giving a Killer Demo.”

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