Planning and Reflection

Ash Maurya rebooted his blog as “The Space Between”–experimental format where he is exploring the space between ideas–and has offered a number of short reflective posts. Here are excerpts from three where he explores the value of planning and reflection, and the need to prioritize learning over the illusion of [...]

Larry Burgess-bio

Larry Burgess, PhD Dr. Burgess has several decades of experience in the wireless field. He possesses a combination of knowledge in adaptive signal processing, antenna design, smart antennas, radio links, transmitter/receiver design, radar, direction finding, and power amplifier linearization. He has worked in design, test, product development, and customer applications [...]

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Sean Murphy Bio

Sean Murphy has worked in a variety of roles in the last twenty-five years: software engineer, engineering manager, project manager, business development, product marketing, and customer support. Companies he has worked directly for include Cisco Systems, 3Com, AMD, MMC Networks, and VLSI Technology. He has a BS in Mathematical Sciences [...]

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SKMurphy Monthly E-Mail Newsletter Launched

It's the maiden voyage of the SKMurphy monthly E-mail newsletter, you can sign up now to get the July 2015 issue. We are going to pick the four best blog posts on a particular topic or theme and e-mail them to you once a month. Subscribe to SKMurphy Monthly E-Mail Newsletter We [...]

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Larry Smith: Fail Fast, Fail Often, and Die

Larry Smith is an Economics Professor of Economics at the University of Waterloo who writes and lectures on Entrepreneurship, innovation, and Technology markets. What follows is part of a conversation he had with Alan Quarry in the AQ’s Blog & Grill series of interviews with entrepreneurs. His key point, that he makes in a somewhat [...]

Resources for Student Entrepreneur Organizations

With the 2016  school year getting ready to start in the next six to eight weeks at most colleges and universities I have had several conversations with student entrepreneur organizations about how I might be able to help them. I have developed content and given talks and webinars over the last [...]

Webinar Replay: You Need to Be a Little Crazy

This is a webinar replay that was recorded on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 with Massimo Paolini, Miles Kehoe, Dorai Thodla, and Sean Murphy discussing Barry Moltz’s “You Need to Be a Little Crazy: The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business.” They share how they personally found the courage to [...]

Kennedy Inaugural

Selections from the John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address, Friday, January 20, 1961. 54 years have passed and we face the same challenges but seem possessed of less courage in our beliefs and less committed to spreading democracy. […]

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Gary Smith 1941-2015

Gary Smith, founder and chief analyst at Gary Smith EDA, passed away July 3, 2015 after a brief illness. He was a good friend and a mentor and he contributed substantially to fostering the collaboration around a shared vision in Electronic Design Automation that is necessary to keep Moore’s Law [...]

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A Serious Conversation Can Change Your Life

Theodore Zeldin gave a series of six lectures on conversation that were collected in slim book called “Conversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives.” I found it offered a number of insights on what is needed for a serious conversation. And since serious conversation is one of the primary tools [...]

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