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Carter Buton Barnstorming in the 1920sIt’s the maiden voyage of the SKMurphy monthly E-mail newsletter, you can sign up now to get the July 2015 issue. We are going to pick the four best blog posts on a particular topic or theme and e-mail them to you once a month.

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We plan to publish monthly with each issue containing four informative articles around a common theme. Here are the topics we have planned for 2015: collaborating to build better companies and teams, strategies for a winning sales presentation, when and how to seek investment, customer discovery interviews, referrals, retrospectives post mortems and after action reviews.

Photo Credit: Carter Buton Album from Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive
This image is from the Carter Buton album. Carter Buton was a Barnstormer who was active in Kansas and Ohio during the 1920s.

SKMurphy E-Mail NewsletterSKMurphy Monthly E-Mail Newsletter


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