Newsletter: Thought Leadership

Our July/August 2016 newsletter highlights thought leadership as a requirement for establishing a presence in the minds of prospects. 

July/August 2016 Newsletter: Thought Leadership

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Thought Leadership is a talk or an article that helps your prospects discern the important events and trends at work in the present, predict their likely effects, and offer perspective and actionable advice in time to have an impact. It’s guided by an Marcelo Rinesi’s insight that “The future is an abstraction, all change is happening now.” You can only take action in the present.

Thought LeadershipA Briefing on Thought Leadership

To put Thought Leadership into practice is to advise prospects and customers on how to overcome their most pressing problems. Customers bring you their hard problems, prospects ask you for insight on options. Robert Lucky captured the real challenge when he realized, “I have gradually come to appreciate that the really important predictions are about the present. What is happening right now, and what is its significance?”

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Rotary 4 WayThought Leadership:
Rotary Club Four Way Test

The Rotary Club’s ‘Four Way Test” offers a good way to detect whether an organization is healthy. When people are communicating is it true, is it fair to all, does it build goodwill, and will it be beneficial to everyone involved. If communication fails one or more of these tests then the organization is unlikely to thrive.

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George GrellasGeorge Grellas on Leadership

George Grellas offers some actionable insights on what is required to be a leader. One key one is to become an independent thinker and have the courage to follow your ideas. These ideas are built on the hard work necessary to develop a few extraordinary skills.
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DeMarco Slack BookTom DeMarco on Leadership, Trust, and Training

Tom Demarco makes three interesting observations in Slack. The key elements needed for real leadership are a clear articulation of a direction, a frank admission of short term pain, follow-up, follow-up, and follow-up. New leaders acquire trust by giving trust. Leaders must acknowledge the learning curve: training is practice doing a new task much more slowly than an expert would do it.

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