Cofounder Academy Panel “Role of the Cofounder”

A panel of four entrepreneurs will address the practical considerations for evaluating and joining a startup as a co-founder or early employee at a Wednesday, August 17 event at the Silicon Valley Cofounder Academy.

Silicon Valley Cofounder AcademyRole of the Cofounder

What is a cofounder? How do founders and cofounders find each other? What are their respective expectations and contributions? And how do they evaluate each other?

Four entrepreneur will offer their perspective for 10-15 minutes each and take questions. We’ll explore typical startup situations and answer your questions on how to join a startup as a cofounder.

  • Sergei Burkov is a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and currently cofounder of Alterra,  a search engine for leisure travel.
  • Alvin Wang is a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and currently acting  as CTO or lead architect at five startups.
  • Sean Murphy is President of a Silicon Valley management consulting firm SKMurphy, Inc. ( helping technology firms with new product introduction, focusing on early customers, early revenue, and early references.
  • Ed Ipser is President of IpserLab (, a Silicon Valley startup foundry.

When, Where, How to Register

  • When: 6:30 PM Wednesday, August 17, 2016
  • Where: Founder Habitat, 2440 West El Camino Real, 5th Floor, Mountain View, CA.
  • Cost: the event is free and open to the public. but seating is limited please RSVP.
  • Register:
  • Will Pizza Be Served? Yes

Why I am Excited to Take Part

I have known Ed Ipser for the better part of two decades, in the 90’s he ran the Startup Operations SIG which provided a lot of practical operating advice for startups and was the prime mover behind the formation of SVASE. He has a PhD in computer science and appreciates a good theory, but at the same time is extremely results oriented and quickly looks to applications and experiments to move a new initiative forward.

When I saw he had started the Silicon Valley Cofounder Academy I wrote him and said, “Ed: practical methods for helping teams form and folks find co-founders, aimed at approaches that are more friendly to technically minded introverts, is missing from the SV scene.  Happy to help.” We have been working on this since May.

I think these evening events will be complementary to what we do at Bootstrapper Breakfasts and will serial entrepreneurs and first time founders ways to meet and explore collaboration with potential cofounders and early employees who are currently working in established firms, folks planning a change in career or who are between engagements, new graduates, or students looking for internships.

IpserLab Exploring New Models For Venture  Formation

Ed is using IpserLab to explore some new models for venture formation, here is a passage from their About page:

IpserLab is the equitable startup foundry. We organize teams of cofounders who earn equity by launching new startups.

In the traditional approach to startups, one or more founders with an idea seek funding to quit their jobs and execute on their idea full-time. Much time and energy is focused on forming a visionary idea, chasing investment funding, and building initial momentum.

By contrast, IpserLab cofounders keep their day jobs and create a startup while moonlighting. They focus on solving a wicked problem through experimentation and discovery and share equitably in the fruits of their efforts.

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