E-Book Summary For Lean Startup

Summer is almost over. If you have been putting off reading “The Lean Startup”  I have a time saving suggestion. If you have an hour and want to capture the gist I can recommend a good e-book summary for Lean Startup. If you have another hour I suggest a good [...]

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Newsletter: Strategies for a Winning Sales Presentation

SKMurphy August 2015  Newsletter This blog post summarizes our August newsletter, “Strategies for a Winning Sales Presentation.” You can subscribe to the monthly SKMurphy newsletter using the form at the right Strategies for a Winning Sales Presentation We’ve all seen it–people listening to a sales presentation, eyes glazed over and their [...]

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Beston Jack Abrams on Aphorisms

Beston Jack Abrams has self-published 7 volumes of “Abramisms: Lines of the Ancient Aphorist” between 2011 and 2014. These slim volumes each contain 128  aphorisms, one on the opening page and three per page for another 39 pages: are a revelation and an inspiration. Volume 7 ends with this paragraph, [...]

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Stiff by Mary Roach

Mary Roach’s Stiff offers a tour of the afterlife: she answers the question what happens to our bodies after we die. She explores funeral homes, autopsies, medical training, medical research, crash testing, body armor testing, cremation, brain death, natural decomposition, and organ transplants among other topics. Is is meticulously researched. [...]

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3D Printing Tradeoffs and Optimization

There are four areas where tradeoffs are commonly made in 3D printing: conventional and additive manufacturing processes additive manufacturing processes 3D printer selection different parameter settings in a 3D printer’s build process The most common design goals considered for 3D printing tradeoffs are strength, speed of printing, minimum feature resolution, and [...]

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Early Sales Efforts Foster Value Co-Creation

Two key tasks we help early stage teams with are preparing for and executing successful negotiations of complex long-term business relationships. These early sales efforts must foster value co-creation with customers because both parties understanding of requirements will continue to evolve as the product is deployed and gains wider use. [...]

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