E-Book Summary For Lean Startup

Summer is almost over. If you have been putting off reading “The Lean Startup”  I have a time saving suggestion. If you have an hour and want to capture the gist I can recommend a good e-book summary for Lean Startup. If you have another hour I suggest a good summary for Four Steps.

E-Book Summary For Lean Startup by Steve Kim

E-Book Summaries For Lean Startup There are a number of e-book summaries for Lean Startup but by far the best is “The Lean Startup: An In-Depth Summary” by Steve Kim. This in depth summary runs about 1/6 of the length but captures the core insights of “The Lean Startup.” Read this if you want to extract the key points and the connections between them in the Lean Startup in less than an hour. Key concepts covered:

  • Why experiments are better than customer and market research
  • Using the build-measure-learn feedback loop to innovate
  • Building minimum viable products to quickly and inexpensively test ideas
  • Using innovation accounting and validated learning to measure true progress
  • When to pivot and examples of 10 types of pivots
  • How to use lean startup tools like small batches, split testing and Kanban
  • How to optimize and quantify the 3 engines of growth

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development

EntGuideCustDev The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development: A cheat sheet to The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Brant Cooper and Patrick VlaskovitCovers the most useful portion of Four Steps: Customer Discovery. A number of well thought charts and diagrams that allows you to capture the actionable insights in less than an hour. I have to agree with John Shiple‘s assessment:

The Customer Development process is intense and time-consuming, and learning the core concepts should not require reading a 500 page textbook. This short form resource makes it easier to learn and discuss CD as it relates to your business. I also recommend this book as part of the Customer Development education process as it’s much more accessible and easier to digest than The Four Steps.

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