Newsletter June 2017: Summer Reading 2017

Our June 2017 Newsletter features four books entrepreneurs should consider for their Summer Reading 2017 list. I have included an additional four free books in our special offers section.

Newsletter June 2017: Summer Reading 2017

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This month I suggest four books for your summer reading list that I have found very useful as an entrepreneur. The first, “Anything You Want” by Derek Sivers will also be discussed in our peer advisory boards, Bootstrapper Breakfasts, and in webinars in July and August. It’s a great book that is a quick read but packed with useful insights. I have also included four free books in our special offers section that offer specific and practical advice on starting a business in Silicon Valley, bootstrapping, testing your product’s desirability, and developing an investment pitch.

Summer Reading 2017

Anything You Want by Derek SiversAnything You Want by Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers promises that “Anything You Want” is a one hour read that summarizes 10 years of his entrepreneurial experience into 40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur. It took me much longer than an hour to actually absorb the lessons he offers here–I found myself thinking about it for several days after I read it–if only because he offers profound insights not quick tips.

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Moltz You Need To Be A Little CrazyBarry Moltz you have to be a little crazy

This is a great book that is a quick read at only 208 pages but packed with some very powerful insights into entrepreneurship. It does the best job of exploring the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship of any that I have read.

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Weinberg on WritingWeinberg on Writing

Gerald Weinberg wrote “Weinberg on Writing: the Fieldstone Method” to share many techniques he had perfected in writing more than 40 books and 400 technical articles. The method is very applicable to the exploration of a new market to find problem-solution fit and ultimately product-market fit.

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Lean Startup

There are a number of e-book summaries for Lean Startup but by far the best is “The Lean Startup: An In-Depth Summary” by Steve Kim. This in depth summary runs about 1/6 of the length but captures the core insights of “The Lean Startup.” Read this if you want to extract the key points and the connections between them in the Lean Startup in less than an hour.

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Special Offers

Four Free Books Also Worth Reading

  1. Seth Godin’s “Bootstrapper Bible
  2. Abbot Stringham and Lynch “Starting a Business in Silicon Valley
  3. Venture Hacks’ “Pitching Hacks
  4. Albert Savoia’s “Pretotyping

Take Part in a Discussion of “Anything You Want”

Our Peer Advisory Boards will be discussing one chapter from “Anything You Want” for our July and August meetings. Please let me know if you are in Silicon Valley and would like to take part in a session. If you are interested but not in Silicon Valley please let me know and I will set up a Zoom session for a group discussion in July and August.

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