Moon over Soho: Nature, Technology, Magic

Some extracts with commentary from Ben Aaronovitch’s “Moon over Soho.” It’s the second in his “Rivers of London” series of novels about Peter Grant, a London Police Constable and apprentice magician. I have selected them to revisit yesterday’s “Nature, Technology and Magic” post. […]

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Nature, Technology and Magic

What seems natural, artificial, or supernatural is a function of familiarity. Nature is the background or context for innovation. The challenge is that we live in a world and culture formed by millennia of innovation so that some incredibly advanced technologies seem natural. The difference between technology and magic is [...]

3d Printing IP Issues

One good way to make predictions about the future of a new technology is to examine the paths that similar technologies have taken historically and use them to draw likely trajectories. As Mark Twain observed, “History may not repeat itself but it does rhyme.” New technologies solve existing problems in [...]

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Your First Dozen Enterprise Customers

My interview with Gabriel Weinberg was originally published Sep-8-2010. He was doing research for what became his fantastic book Traction. We talked for the better part of an hour and a half and I can remember he kept returning in different ways to what was needed to close your first [...]

David Telleen-Lawton Bio

David Telleen-Lawton - Sales Executive & Lean Expert David learned in the late 1980s the value of “getting out of the building” and bringing your team along with you. Both as a consultant and a early employee, David has worked with startup companies across the spectrum from hardware to software [...]

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Men Who Built America

The History Channel’s “Men Who Built America” documentary recaps the history of the creation of key American industries: railroad, steel, petroleum, automobile, and finance. Covering a period from roughly 1850 to World War 2 it offers reenactments of key events in the evolution of American business. It’s worth an entrepreneur’s time to [...]

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Walt Maclay Featured as a Thought Leader in Medical Design Technology

Walt Maclay, President of Voler Systems was featured as a thought leader on wearable and IoT devices in the latest issue of Medical Design Technology.  He explains how wearable devices are now driving the definition of low-power and provides techniques for overcoming battery limitations. “Theresa does an excellent job with [...]

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Founder Story: Edith Harbaugh of LaunchDarkly

I got to know Edith Harbaugh (@edith_h) when she was moderating the Lean Startup Circle Group and published two guest blog posts by her: “It’s Your Execution, Not Your Idea” and “Managing Email Conversations With Customers.” I also invited her to take part in a webinar on Innovator’s DNA: Experimenting [...]

3D printer combinations

3D printing’s first impact was in the prototype sector of the manufacturing process. 3D printing will not replace traditional (“subtractive”) manufacturing methods, but rather 3D printing technology will be combined with pre-existing machines.  There are currently five machines that are most likely going to be the future of 3D printer combinations. [...]

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