Extracting Competitive Insights From Demos: SCIP Tue-May-24-2016

I am giving a talk on “Extracting Competitive Insights from Software Demos: Crafting and Refining Your Company’s Message Through the Analysis of a Competitor’s Demo” at the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Society for Competitive Intelligence (SCIP) Tue-May-24 at 6PM.

Society for Competitive Intelligence (SCIP) Silicon Valley ChapterExtracting Competitive Insights
From a Software Demo

From the flyer for the event:

The software demo is a critical asset in today’s sales cycle, and even more so with SaaS-delivered products. Demos incorporate your messaging and assist in the sales process. This interactive session will offer you a checklist for developing the basic elements of a product demo (based on the Great Demo! methodology) and a framework for evaluating a competitor’s demos that can be used to develop competitive actionable insights.


  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of your company’s demos, thereby increasing your win rate and shortening the length of the sales cycle
  • Identify your company’s product positioning and align it with your messaging and demos
  • Discover which places to view a competitor’s demo and what to do with the insights gained
  • Establish  a winning conversation by translating competitive insights into ammunition used by both sales and demo teams

Extracting Competitive Insights from Software Demos” event description

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