Validating Your MVP & Value Proposition at Lean Startup Circle SF Apr-2

Join us in San Francisco for an interactive workshop "Validating your MVP & Value Proposition."  We will cover a variety of proven techniques for validating your MVP & value proposition for B2B startups. When: 5:30-8:30 PM Tue-Apr-2-2013 Where: 1355 Market, Suite 488, San Francisco Cost: $60 This interactive workshop will provide: [...]

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Market Discovery and Exploration Requires Models from Physics, Biology, and Psychology

Q: Appreciate your thoughts on qualitative vs. quantitative approaches to  market exploration. Customer development is like qualitative research; it is good for exploring hypotheses (and associated issues) but cannot validate them (by its very nature it is small sample size). To validate startup hypotheses one needs to do quantitative research, e.g. surveys, [...]

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