How To Bootstrap Your Start-Up at ASL Mar-27-2013

Update Mar-27-2013: Slides and audio for this event are now available at “Slides and Audio from How To Bootstrap at ASLCPA Mar 27

Please RSVPI have been asked by the Emerging Business Group at Abbott, Stringham and Lynch to give a talk on “How to Bootstrap Your Start-Up.”

If you are a technology entrepreneurs who doesn’t fit the typical profile for a first time VC investment you can find it very difficult to generate interest in a business that is still at the planning stage. If you persevere because you want to solve a critical problem or create new possibilities for your customers, you need to start building your business with only limited financial resources.

Bootstrapping does not preclude seeking investment when your active business merits and requires it. But it starts by making a difference and building a real business as proof of both the need for and the value of your products.

I will addresses what you and your team need to do to bootstrap your business: to find early customers and early revenue using internal cash flow and organic profits. I will draw on my experiences with clients at SKMurphy, Inc. and insights I have gleaned from the more than 250 Bootstrapper Breakfasts I have attended since October of 2006. The ASL Emerging Business Seminars are famous for being very interactive and mine will be no exception: I welcome your questions and insights if you are able to join us.

Date:  March 27, 2013
Time: 11:30 am Lunch /  12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Presentation
Where:  1550 Leigh Ave., San Jose, CA 95125
Cost: Free

ASL also offers a great New Business Startup Guide you can request at

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