Founder Story: Edith Harbaugh of LaunchDarkly

I got to know Edith Harbaugh (@edith_h) when she was moderating the Lean Startup Circle Group and published two guest blog posts by her: “It’s Your Execution, Not Your Idea” and “Managing Email Conversations With Customers.” I also invited her to take part in a webinar on Innovator’s DNA: Experimenting [...]

Founder Story: Steve DiBartolomeo of Artwork Conversion Software

Steve DiBartolomeo is co-founder of Artwork Conversion Software, Inc., an EDA software firm headquartered  in Santa Cruz CA with a development office in Manhattan Beach, CA. Founded in 1989, the company develops CAD translation programs, CAD viewers, plotting software and IC packaging software.  Artwork has over 5000 customers worldwide including [...]

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Matt Oscamou of Frontier Bites on the value of the Bootstrapper Breakfast

Matt Oscamou, the founder of Frontier Bites, talked about lessons learned getting a food startup off the ground at the April 15 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale. Here is a short recording of his introduction, the benefits the Bootstrapper Breakfast® has offered him, and how he came to bootstrap Frontier Bites [...]

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Leonard Smith 1927-2014

I didn’t know Leonard Smith but I was forwarded a link by John McKenna two days ago to his obituary (originally published in GreenwichTime on Jan. 26, 2014) and I thought it captured the essential personality of people who bring change to organizations in trouble and often start new ones. […]

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FounderSuite Worth a Look for Saving Time On Your New Startup

There are a number of forms packages now available for entrepreneurs that provide templates for incorporation, investment term sheets, hiring employees and contractors, etc.. And there are several business model canvas tools that are designed to facilitate useful discussions among founders and advisors (and potential investors) about a new startup. [...]

Founder Story: Ari Halberstadt of Catalee on Founder’s Dilemmas and Residential Energy Market

Theresa Shafer met Ari Halberstadt at a Bootstrapper Breakfast in SF earlier this year and was very impressed with his approach to his new startup, Catalee. Ari volunteered to talk with me about Noam Wasserman's "The Founder's Dilemmas" as well as Catalee. Here is a 12 minute podcast and transcript of [...]

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Startup Founders Announced for Working For Equity Panel at SVCC 2012

For the third year in a row I will moderate a panel of startup founders sharing lesson learned bootstrapping a technology startup at Silicon Valley Code Camp. This "Working for Equity" session will be on Sunday Oct 7 at 9:15am. Here is the announcement Many of us in Silicon Valley [...]

“Working For Equity” Panel Session Returns to Silicon Valley Code Camp For Third Year

I am moderating a panel at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012 on "Working For Equity." Here is the session description: Panel discussion with three software startup CEOs offering their perspective on the practical realities of starting and growing a company. This session is for both aspiring and active entrepreneurs, it [...]

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Founder Story: Luc Burgun, EVE

This originally appeared in my “Entrepreneurial Engineer” column in EETimes as “No longer a startup, EVE aims for top tier of EDA players” on Mar-29-2011. I have added some additional hyperlinks in this version. Dr. Luc Burgun is co-founder and CEO of EVE. He has more than sixteen years of [...]

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Founder Story: Linc Jepson, 74ze

This originally appeared in my "Entrepreneurial Engineer" column in EETimes as "Linc Jepson's 74ze leverages Russian and American engineering talent to persevere" on Jan-18-2011. I have added some additional hyperlinks in this version. Linc Jepson studied Electrical Engineering at Tufts and after he graduated with his BSEE he was drawn [...]

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