Office Hours ButtonWe provide strategic advice on company development, product planning, and new product introduction. Our focus is on early customers and early revenue for technology startups.

We help you

  • identify your customer and their buying process,
  • select “target rich environments” both online and face to face where you can meet prospects
  • discover your customer’s pain, need, opportunity, or critical business issue,
  • determine your benefits and how to present them in demos and proposals,
  • engineer and manage your sale process,
  • prepare for, negotiate, and close deals at a price that reflects your value to the customer.
  • Getting More Customers Workshop
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Thought Leadership
  • Client View Interviews
  • Website Leads
  • Consulting
  • Engineering Your Sales Process Workshop
  • Cohan’s Great Demo! Workshop
  • Deal Strategy Sessions
  • Major Customer
  • Strategy Partnership Deals
  • Consulting



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