Panelists Announced for Bootstrapper’s Manifesto Book Club Webinar

We have two bootstrappers as panelists for Wednesday’s Business Book Club webinar on Seth Godin’s Bootstrapper’s Manifesto.

  • Neal Tovsen, founder of
    Neal’s fifteen years of professional experience have focused on the architecture, design, and end-to-end development of highly available, distributed, scalable, software-as-a-service platforms.  His understanding of how to integrate sensor networks, remote monitoring, and mobile devices and his appreciation for the importance of security and data privacy have informed his design and development of TelemetryWeb. TelemetryWeb’s AgSphere allows famers to harvest and manage a rich set fo data from remote sensors and remote monitoring solutions in a cloud-based device integration platform.
    Neal is a member of the Minneapolis Bootstrapper Breakfast group.
  • Sarah Gray, co-founder of
    Sarah Gray is a technical co-founder and entrepreneur with a background in theater directing. She’s been developing software professionally for 10 years and worked for a number of early-stage startups before dropping out to build her own products. She is currently working on, a life-tracking journal; and has co-founded Technical Advocates, a consulting practice that gives advice to non-technical startup founders. She is bootstrapping a life where she can dream up and prototype projects then set them loose in the world. She lives in Chicago with her partner in crime, Corey Haines, and her cat, Zak.
    Sarah is a member of the Chicago Bootstrapper Breakfast group.

This on-line roundtable discussion encourages active audience participation and is moderated by Sean Murphy of SKMurphy, Inc., with Francis Adanza of Zephyr, Inc. coordinating audience participation.

Date: Wednesday November 16
: 12:00 p.m. Pacific / 1:00 p.m. Mountain / 2:00 p.m. Central / 3:00 p.m. Eastern
Bootstrappers can register at no charge at

The E-book version of “The Bootstrapper’s Bible” by Seth Godin is available at no charge from

The Bootstrapper’s Manifesto is on pages 3-4, and the rest of the E-book is worth reading as well.

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