Create and Deliver Surprisingly Compelling Software Demonstrations is an interactive workshop we are presenting jointly with Peter Cohan of the Second Derivative on March 29 at the Moorpark Hotel (Saratoga/280) in San Jose.  Sign up and bring a copy of your software demo: you can present the “executive attention span” version and get feedback.

Guy Kawasaki mentioned one of Peter’s mantra do the last thing first in his “How to be a DEMO God” (talking about the DEMO conference, where naturally you give a demo):

“Do the last thing first.” I stole this from my buddy Peter Cohan who is a demo maven; he teaches people how to do a great demo. What he means, and I second, is that you have about one minute to captivate your audience, so don’t try building to a crescendo. Start with “shock and awe”–the absolute coolest stuff that your product can do. The goal is to blow people’s minds.

Attendees will also receive a copy of the latest version of Peter’s book Great Demo!