September Bootstrapper Breakfasts

This month we continue our regular schedule of “first Friday” in Palo Alto and “third Tuesday” in Sunnyvale. We will start at 7:30am and end at 9am. Your cost is your meal + 20% tip; in each location we have a small back room to ourselves. Attendees are typically in early stage software startups, primarily founders, with some consultants who plan to develop products. The promise is serious conversation and a chance to compare notes on operations, development, and business issues with peers.

Please pre-register as we can only fit 15 (these are small back rooms): you don’t want get up this early and be turned away because we are full. The SKMurphy team facilitate the conversation–and from time to time put our own issues on the table. We don’t make a sales pitch of any kind. Consultants are welcome if you are consulting on the way to developing a product or plan to add products to your offering mix.

We have been facilitating this breakfasts since October of 2006. We started at Coco’s and branched out to a second meeting a month in Palo Alto in January of this year to meet increased demand.

Update Dec 11: The Bootstrapper Breakfast website is now up.

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