DAC 2010 Blog Coverage Roundup

Here is my roundup of blog posts about the 2010 Design Automation Conference. You can also follow the #47DAC hashtag on twitter for breaking announcements during the conference. Last year’s roundup is available a DAC 2009 Blog Coverage Roundup.

Original intro: If you write a blog post that reviews an event, a day, or DAC 2010 as a whole with some substantive commentary before the end of July I will include a link to it. Please leave a comment to let me know if I have overlooked or incorrectly categorized anything.

Preparing For 2010 Design Automation Conference

Sunday Events

Note: I am worried that the default DAC website links will break in less than a year, they are tied to the top level DAC site not a DAC 2010 encoding. If anyone knows the permalinks for the DAC sessions please let me know. If you look at the DAC 2009 Blog Roundup the 2009 DAC sessions had a year encoded in the URL and they all still work.

Update: https://dac.com/content/47th-dac is now the home for the content

Monday Events

Tuesday Events

Wednesday Events

Thursday Events


Current count: 81 posts.

7 thoughts on “DAC 2010 Blog Coverage Roundup”

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  2. Sean,
    Thanks again for summarizing so many amazing links for the latest DAC.

    I now officially crown you the King of EDA blogging for 2010.

  3. @Daniel, you actually did a lot of good product focused reporting and analysis. I just filtered and arranged the work of others. I think “curation” is the cool new term for all of this.

    Thanks for the crown, I will try not to let it go to my head.

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