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Landing Your First Ten Customers


Why is an Enterprise Sale So Complex?

  An enterprise sale is a significant source of opportunity for startups, but it is a complex undertaking with many moving parts and many people involved. This article is the result of a collaboration with Brendan McAdams (@BrendanMcAdams), a sales and marketing professional focused on B2B clients in healthcare.  


Your First Dozen Enterprise Customers

My interview with Gabriel Weinberg was originally published Sep-8-2010. He was doing research for what became his fantastic book Traction. We talked for the better part of an hour and a half and I can remember he kept returning in different ways to what was needed to close your first dozen enterprise customers.


Why is it so hard to get your first ten customers?

  The key challenges to getting your first ten customers relate to understanding the customer buying process and managing the startup learning process for need, impact, customer definition and message.  


Offer: Review Your Sales Pitch

  Your sales pitch isn’t about explaining how your product works or describing its features and benefits.. It’s a conversation driven by mutual curiosity where you

  • diagnose a prospect’s needs,
  • prescribe the right configuration of your product or service ,
  • offer a prognosis on the value it will create in the prospect’s business.

We can help you prepare and rehearse an approach that works for your target customers. Signup for a sales pitch / demo review for $500 composed of two working sessions of 60-90 minutes each and two short fine tuning sessions to help you continue to refine based on early feedback.

  • In the first you present your current sales pitch as is and we play the role of a key prospect type you are targeting.
  • In the second we present to you our suggestions for changes/improvements based on Peter Cohan’s Great Demo Methodology.
  • We are then available for  two 10-15 minute calls after you give the revised demos to the next few prospects to help with fine tuning
  • Cost is $500 and is due at completion of second session where we deliver the suggested changes to your demo.




About SKMurphy, Inc.

SKMurphy, Inc. offers customer development services for startup entrepreneurs. We help founders generate leads and close deals to grow your business. Our focus is on early customers and early revenue for technology and expertise products.

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