Stepping on the Web 2.0 Scale at IBDNetwork Jan-23-07

Last night I attended the IBDNetwork Strategies Series: Stepping on the Web 2.0 Scale. The event was hosted at Shasta Ventures and featured these guest speakers:

Stepping on the Web 2.0 Scale at IBDNetwork Jan-23-07

The panel addressed these questions and more:

  • What does a scalable Web 2.0 business model look like?
  • Is the ad model really the only viable option?
  • Are you a feature or a business? How does this impact your business outlook?
  • What are the long-run goals? Acquisition or go it alone?
  • How does team building affect a company’s success? What other factors come into play?

I noted a couple of good quotes, the first were two answers to “How would you define Web 2.0?”

Sam Schillace stated that Web 2.0 revolves around collaboration. It is a better model for interacting with customers and quicker release times due to user demand.

Jason Pressman believes an ideal Web 2.0 application should be built with AJAX or a LAMP Stack. The application should allow interaction with data that comes mostly from the users vs. company generated. He believes a good example of a Web 2.0 company is Logoworks.

The next were some detailed answers to “What does it take to be a successful ad website?”

Jason Pressman believes that it needs to be a consumer conversation driven website for three reasons:

  1. Nobody is buying technology anymore, there is always more than one person developing the same technology
  2. Investors are buying teams that can execute and provide returns
  3. Investors want companies with defensibility, competitive advantage, IP, a good team

Pressman indicated that there were significant Web 2.0 opportunities for E-commerce: continues to grow, more people shop online; security has improved but needs to continue to develop; the key challenges are scaling and inventory.

There is also event recap on the Under the Radar Blog.


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