Two Images of Startups

I had lunch today at El Cerrito with an old friend from college who has done a number of successful startups. We talked of old classmates, children, the energy we had in our twenties, his new son, and my new granddaughter. And we talked about what it was like to [...]

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Nusym De-cloaks 4

Venk Shukla, CEO of Nusym, commented on Nusym De-cloaks 3 on Dec 4 We had met a long time ago but lost touch afterward. The points you make about website credibility are valid. We will measure the information we put out against this criteria once we decide to emerge from [...]

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Just For Today by Ben Stein

Just For Today I Will Feel Grateful For My Customers. I Worked Hard To Get Them. Without Them I Would Not Have A Business. I Will Be as Friendly as Can Be to Everyone That I Work With; I Will Treat Them as If They Are Responsible For Keeping Me [...]

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3 Tips for Blogging

Map out a calendar of subjects to cover. Just planning one or two a week for the next 2 months will help you avoid writer's block. This still leaves room for "inspired" work but can give you some structure. Pick a focus or related set of subjects for your writing. [...]

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Going Pro

Going pro means learning how to deliver the results required. Some key points to remember as you ask folks in larger firms to take a risk with your new offering or service. They are from a March 1993 column entitled “Going Pro” by Asa Baber. […]

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Welcome from Theresa Shafer

I will be offering practical advice to startup entrepreneurs in this blog. I am a hardware engineer and a mom, so I like lists with a do-it/done methodology. My post are short and to the point. Hopefully you will find them useful. "It is the greatest of all mistakes to [...]

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Coffee Break with Gary Smith

It's a strange thing to know someone who's making the front page of the paper for losing his job. I have known Gary Smith for almost 20 years: we met when he was a methodologist at LSI Logic and their salesman for 3Com dragged him in to encourage us to [...]

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