3 Tips for Closing your Next Consulting Deal

Early software sales are typically a mix of service and product, and in fact can look a lot like consulting deals. Here are a three tips to help plan your next sales call.

  1. Focus on the prospect’s business needs, issues and concerns more than your smarts, methods, or credentials.
    • Promised results (benefits) matter more than methods (features).
    • Methods (features) matter more than your experience or credentials.
  2. Share your ideas and knowledge, tell them something they don’t know that’s relevant to their business needs.
  3. Use customer testimonials. They increase your credibility.
    • If you don’t have testimonials ask for them (once you deserve them).
    • Focus on converting all of your early customers into references. References matter more than revenue for early stage companies.
    • Remember that a customer is someone who has PAID you, not someone using your product for free.

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