Going Solo or Partnering Panel: Stanford E-Conference

Today I attended the 2007  Entrepreneurship Conference at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. One session that I truly enjoyed and found very informative was the "Going Solo or Partnering" Panel. Going Solo or Partnering Panel: Stanford E-Conference Below are three questions and answers I believe capture the importance of developing [...]

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Beyond Google: A9, Citeseer, and Krugle

I had lamented that I always Google too late, but lately I've been getting better. Here are some tools to use beyond Google and LinkedIn for searching for different kinds of specialized information. A9 let's you search the contents of any books that Amazon carries, all of Amazon, and another [...]

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Stepping on the Web 2.0 Scale at IBDNetwork Jan-23-07

Last night I attended the IBDNetwork Strategies Series: Stepping on the Web 2.0 Scale. The event was hosted at Shasta Ventures and featured these guest speakers: Moderator: Tod Francis, Managing Director, Shasta Ventures Panel of Experts: Adam Gross, VP Developer Marketing, Salesforce Shawn Hardin, CEO, Flock Jason Pressman, Partner, Shasta [...]

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William Feather’s “The Business of Life”

Some quotes from William Feather's 1949 book, "The Business of Life." It's a collection of short notes, letters, newspaper columns magazine articles. Very insightful, and something like reading a blog from the 1930's and 40's. The way to get things done is to have a good assistant. In closing a [...]

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Evaluating Business Advice

Everyone has advice for you about how to run your company! Even if it's in the form of question like "When are you going to Get a Job?" Friends and relatives who have only been employees may have your best interest at heart but not have the background or temperament [...]

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Hugh MacLeod’s Thoughts on Being an Entrepreneur

Hugh MacLeod posted "Random Thoughts on Being an Entrepreneur" earlier this week. I've picked the best five and added some of my own comments 4. Once you become an entrepreneur, you find the company of non-entrepreneurs a lot harder to be around. You’ve seen things they haven’t; the wavelengths alter, it’s that [...]

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Thinking About Your Business Goals for 2007

Thinking About Your Business Goals We went through a brief planning exercise with our clients, and some prospective clients, that several found useful. Since it's not not too late to do some planning for 2007, here are a few questions that should answer on a single piece of paper (perhaps even a 3x5 card [...]

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Power of Website Content

Here's a good blog post on website content. How Can 10 Simple Articles Change Your Life? In his post Chris Pearson, recounts a story about a friend who creates a website (nothing fancy) but has wonderful content (10 articles). He kills his competition with his content. If you are selling [...]

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Making Our Business More Credible in 2006

We did an end of year de-briefing session an concluded that that the following changes had a things that had a positive effect on our business in 2006. Adding a logo to Business Cards Backgrounder (now in about SKMurphy, Inc. page) Improving Our Website Blogging LinkedIn Contacts Bootstrapper's Breakfast "12 Books [...]

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January’s Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup

Last night, I attended the January Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup.  For those of you who do not know the format of these gatherings, it is very simple.  Each group of presenters is allowed five minutes to pitch their offering and then the crowd is allocated five minutes to ask questions. The [...]

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Six From Encyclopedia Neurotica

Jon Winokur has published a number of good books, including "The Portable Curmudgeon" and "Advice to Writers," and was interviewed September 2006 by Guy Kawasaki, which prompted me to add his most recent, "Encyclopedia Neurotica" to my Amazon cart (where books can linger for months or years). I was frankly [...]

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