Larry Sonsini Profiled in Fortune Nov-27-06

I have been catching up on my reading and came across a profile of Larry Sonsini in Fortune's Nov-27-06 print edition. The article in the print edition is titled "The Man To See In The Valley" but "Scandals rock Silicon Valley's top legal ace" in the on-line version. It's part of [...]

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Nusym De-cloaks 3

It's been a month since my two posts on Nusym Technology. They upgraded their text treatment ( nu · sym ) to a nice logo. They still promise to deliver the "most significant breakthrough in functional verification in a decade. Nusym Technology is an EDA software company that provides an order of magnitude [...]

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Custom Centric Marketing Means Shifting to “Resolution Messages”

Mary Sullivan addressed "Customer Centric Marketing" last Monday, providing a number of examples of marketing messages based on the customer's operating reality. Mary highlighted the need for marketing campaigns to recognize that the customer is in charge of the buying process today. The example messages cut through the noise (Mary [...]

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Stirr Mixer 1.8

I dropped by tonight's Stirr Mixer at Illusions on 260 California Ave in Palo Alto. It's a better venue for parking and it's not as loud as the Blue Chalk----if it's too loud you are too old? I am certainly at risk for this in the Stirr crowd. The West [...]

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Mary Sullivan on Customer-Centric Marketing at SDForum Marketing SIG Tonight

Mary Sullivan has prepared a great presentation on "It's All About Them: Customer-Focused Messaging" for the tonight's SDForum Marketing SIG at DLA Piper Silicon Valley. Mary offers a messaging framework for moving beyond product-centric features and product-centric benefits to demonstrating your understanding of a prospect's problems, needs, and wants. If you want to see more [...]

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KMWorld 2006 Wrap-up

I did my profile in in the form of a FAQ Q:Why do you come to KMWorld? This is my third year, so it's something of a triumph of hope over experience, but I believe that there are a number of techniques and technologies in the "knowledge management" space [...]

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