12 Books For the Busy CEO – Feedback

Last night’s talk was well received. We had a good crowd, with folks filling the seats and and a few having to stand up along the back wall. Here’s the feedback from the talk:

  • I was surprised that it was more than 12 capsule reviews back to back, that Sean was able to extract some key concepts that many of the books shared about “the way the world works” for understanding how to market discontinuous innovations.
  • Expand on a smaller number of books
  • More clearly explain that presentation is broken into three categories.
  • Great presentation! I can’t wait to get the slides.
  • Great Speaker! + Excellent Information
  • Well Done
  • Would be nice to add to slide deck the comments at the end where he discussed which books to focus on for specific industries.
  • Always repeat questions.
  • I suggest to use some business example to apply to the book / business theories.
  • I’d like to have further SDForum Marketing SIGs continue to work with the material. Excellent content…I would have enjoyed going through it more slowly.
  • I would be interested in hearing Sean Murphy again.
  • Excellent content and organization. With Case Study would be awesome.
  • Sean was a fabulous presenter!
  • Good 50K ft. overview
  • Tough decisions on depth vs. breadth. Good choices.
  • This talk can be delivered to a variety of groups. Hope you can market it.
  • Integral of Bell Curve = S Curve
  • Excellent list + summary of books
  • Demonstrated tremendous knowledge of marketing literature
  • Great, concise summary to introduce folks to important marketing books.
  • Speaker rocked. Great presentation
  • Kind of got lost on explaining the S curve.
  • Good job of asking applicable questions
  • Nice transition of why you did not use sales books.
  • Money is a small part of price:
    • reference
    • high quality people assigned to project
    • opportunity cost of their time

We have learned that the Yahoo Group for the SDForum Marketing SIG will be discontinued in favor of a new system. We have put a copy of the presentation here as a PDF so that folks can access it reliably.

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