Ten Quotes from “Guidelines to Creativity” by K. Bradford Brown

I got Guidelines to Creativity by K. Bradford Brown as a gift and was impressed by these ten quotes. Some are clever re-statements of more famous observations but all have a certain poetry.

  1. Creativity will take me as far as my imagined limits.
  2. The building blocks of our creativity are quarried from the space between what is, and what might be.
  3. Some discoveries change the world. All discoveries change their discoverer.
  4. An attempt may be a failure. A person never is.
  5. To create, we must learn to stand on other people’s shoulders humbly.
  6. Whenever a group shares a common vision, a spark of creativity is ignited.
  7. When surfacing from the depths of creative effort, take the time to decompress.
  8. Age does not limit creativity. But having experience helps. As does not having it. Anyway, it’s not our choice.
  9. They said, “try, try again.” I said, “let’s stop and try something different.”
  10. It starts in the imagination. It ends in sweat.

3 thoughts on “Ten Quotes from “Guidelines to Creativity” by K. Bradford Brown”

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  2. A sane approach towards spiritual journey. Having been blessed with his presence from beyond the veil, I know that he continues to teach and share understanding and love, those things that last. Brad was on purpose even on this side of life. I say that learning of him is profitable. Thanks Brad. !!

  3. Brad Brown was a genius I was honoured to know as a friend and my greatest teacher. I still learn through him and the programme he created – now called More To Life. I am for ever grateful for his presence in my life and in this world.

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