SKMurphy Hosts Great Demo! Seminar for Entrepreneurs

SKMurphy will host Peter Cohan’s Great Demo workshop on Saturday March 8 in San Jose.

“SKMurphy’s partnership with the Second Derivative has allowed entrepreneurs at smaller firms access to the same world class sales training normally only available to Fortune 1000 companies. In the class my team developed a presentation that allowed us to explain our offering much more clearly to our prospective customers.” said Miles Kehoe, President at New Idea Engineering. “We have also reshaped how we help our clients present results to their end users. The temptation so often is to start at the beginning of the story and tell them here’s what we did first … then we did this … and really the only thing the they care about is the results, the improvements they will see.”

Workshop registration information is at

World Class Sales Training for Entrepreneurs

“We are offering this workshop as a service to the startup community. We have been fortunate that Peter has set aside time to give the same material that he provides software firms like Ariba, BMC Software, Business Objects, and Macrovision.” said Sean Murphy, CEO of SKMurphy. “For entrepreneurs it’s critical to demonstrate clear and concise benefits. Peter takes you through a number of exercises designed to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand how to identify and address their critical business issues more effectively than anyone I have seen.”

Peter Cohan, author of the book Great Demo!, coined the phrase “Do The Last Thing First” as a recipe for creating and delivering surprisingly compelling software demonstrations. Peter’s methodology enables attendees to create and deliver powerful demonstrations for the marketing, sales, and deployment of software and related products. Whether it’s face to face, over the web, as a screencast, or as a self-running demo, the ability to present the key benefits of your software product is essential to generating prospect interest and ultimately revenue.

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The Second Derivative helps software organization achieve their sales and marketing objectives by dramatically improving the success rates of their demos. The Second Derivative offers workshops, coaching and consulting with a focus on the needs of organizations developing and selling business-to-business software.

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New Idea Engineering helps Fortune 1000 companies successfully implement enterprise search. We provide vendor-neutral technical consulting, training, and integration to companies implementing search technologies.

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