We’ll be at SDWest Booth 318

Looks like we will be in good company. Whether you are considering leaving you day job for a startup, you are consulting while you develop a product, you are open for business and looking for early customers, looking for smarter customers, or you've found your niche and you are looking [...]

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Jotspot Emerges From The Bowels of Google

Rob Hof notes--hat tip to Ross Mayfield--tonight in "Jotspot Returns as Google Sites: Wiki Style Collaboration" (emphasis added): Ever since Google bought the wiki-based online application startup Jotspot in late 2006, people have been wondering if it had disappeared forever inside the bowels of the search giant. Tonight, Google’s launching [...]

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Don Reinertsen: Priorities Are The Last Refuge of the Innumerate

Don Reinertsen, co-author (with Preston Smith) of "Developing Products in Half the Time" and "Managing the Design Factory: The Product Developers Toolkit" has a great article about managing products "Priorities: Last Refuge of the Innumerate" Priorities: Last Refuge of the Innumerate What is our highest product development priority, cycle time or [...]

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10 Reasons to Write a Press Release

Here are 10 common reasons to issue a press release. Announce a strategic partnership or alliance Issuing a statement on a hot issue New client acquisition Holding a seminar or workshop Availability of white paper or article Company revenue, sales, or profit Announce new member of board of directors or [...]

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First Office: Arwen Funk, Real Estate Broker

In earlier interviews Frank Bailey and Ed Correia each recommended using a broker as the most effective approach to finding an office. So I called Arwen Funk, a commercial and residential broker, to get some background. Arwen pointed out some potential land mines in leasing contracts such as property tax [...]

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Raphe Patmore, CEO of Buzka, On ANZA

I was able to sit down with Raphe Patmore, CEO Buzka, recently and talk about his experience of participating in the ANZA Gateway Program. Buzka was one of about a dozen companies that were selected to enter the program in Fall '07. Raphe was also a co-winner for the Guy [...]

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Paul Graham’s Six Principles for Making New Things

This article compares Paul Graham’s “Six Principles for Making New Things” with Bob Bemer’s “Do Something Small But Useful Now”,  Gary Hamel’s Innovation Hacker, and Peter Drucker’s list of seven places to search systematically for opportunities. […]

Leveraging Your Social Network to Find Early Customers Monday Feb 11 at SDForum

I will be speaking next Monday at the SDForum Marketing SIG on "Leveraging Your Social Network to Find Early Customers." Social navigation is networking with a goal. Entrepreneurs will spend social capital navigating their way to getting trusted feedback and early sales. Like Google and web assisted selling tools, social [...]

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