HP’s Early Customers Came From Fred Terman’s Social Network

The founding team for a startup typically provides the basic intellectual capital, and frequently the initial seed capital. But a young team often has to rely on advisors for social capital--existing relationships based on mutual trust and prior shared success. These relationships act as points of departure for market exploration [...]

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DEMOgod Winner Phreesia Praises Peter Cohan Training

SKMurphy, Inc., the Silicon Valley leader in customer development for serious bootstrapping entrepreneurs, will host Peter Cohan's Great Demo workshop on Saturday March 8. Cohan coached the latest winner of the DEMO Conference in Fall 2007: Phreesia improves the patient experience in medical office waiting rooms by automating patient check-in, [...]

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SKMurphy goes to SDWest 2008

Join us at SDWest 2008 March 3-7, the conference offers with both business and technology tracks and has an interesting mix of sessions for software entrepreneurs. In addition to the technology oriented sessions you would expect, the conference has added a "Business of Software" track that should prove valuable to [...]

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Where Can I Find Speaking Engagements?

If your New Years Resolution is to speak more, you might be wonder where to go. One type of group that is always looking for speakers are local user groups. User groups offer an informal network and forum for the exchange of ideas, tips, and gotchas. With user groups I [...]

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Search Engine Optimization Best Practice Basics

Last night I attended the monthly PATCA dinner. The featured speaker of the evening was Kevin Dean, a certified Internet marketing consultant, from WSI (We Simplify the Internet). It was an interactive question and answer session in which Kevin covered "Search Engine Optimization Best Practice Basics." Kevin's key point was [...]

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We Sign NDA’s

We get asked "Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?" fairly often, to the point that we are proactive, suggesting that a prospect take a look at our Mutual NDA [PDF] and sign it if it would increase their comfort level. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) allows us to have a deeper [...]

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SaaS Roundtable: VARs in a SaaS World

In a SaaS world where tools are more integrated and customizable, are VARs going away? How do SaaS companies reach customers? How should we compensate sales people? As a sales person, how will I make money if I work for a SaaS company? At this roundtable discussion we will exchange [...]

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Hello 2008

Let's hope the New Year finds us all healthy, surrounded by loved ones, and living up to our potential. A quartet of quotes from Mignon McLaughlin to help kick off 2008 The time to begin most things was ten years ago. Courage can't see around corners, but goes around them [...]

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