DEMOgod Winner Phreesia Praises Peter Cohan Training

SKMurphy, Inc., the Silicon Valley leader in customer development for serious bootstrapping entrepreneurs, will host Peter Cohan‘s Great Demo workshop on Saturday March 8. Cohan coached the latest winner of the DEMO Conference in Fall 2007: Phreesia improves the patient experience in medical office waiting rooms by automating patient check-in, generating comprehensive documentation, and allows physicians to track past visits, medications, and information recorded from other doctors offices.

“We are offering this workshop as a service to the startup community. Learning to get your point across within the first ten minutes so that your prospective customer is engaged and asking questions is critical for all startup entrepreneurs” said Sean Murphy, CEO of SKMurphy. “When I first heard Peter speak, it was an enormously enlightening and energizing experience. I have been scripting and giving demos (and presentations) for more than 20 years and here was an approach that was much better than anything I had seen.”

Phreesia’s CEO, Chaim Indig, believes “the workshop is definitely worth the money!” While sitting in Peter Cohan’s workshop, Chaim thought “this was obvious, but no one was presenting like this.” After the workshop Chaim bought enough copies of Peter’s book for everyone in the company. “Peter Cohan’s Great Demo method really works. It helped us win DEMOgod, and it has allowed us to explain our offering much more clearly to prospects.”

“Phreesia has an outstanding product, and the on-stage demonstration was well rehearsed and very crisp.” said Chris Shipley, co-founder of the Guidewire Group and Executive Producer of the DEMO Conference. “A quality demo has an impact on the audience and communicates the product’s value, and does so in a succinct, limited time frame. Chaim Indig gave a clear and concise value proposition for the doctor, patient and company. He made an immediate connection with the audience.”

Peter Cohan, author of the book Great Demo!, coined the phrase “Do The Last Thing First” a recipe for creating and delivering surprisingly compelling software demonstrations. Peter’s methodology outlines a framework to create and deliver improved demonstrations and presentations to increase success in the marketing, sales, and deployment of software and related products. Whether it’s face to face, over the web, as a screencast, or as a self-running demo, the ability to present the key benefits of your software product is essential to generating prospect interest and ultimately revenue. Peter Cohan of The Second Derivative gives us the recipe for a Great Demo!

Workshop registration information is at

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At SKMurphy, Inc. we offer business development services for software entrepreneurs. We provide strategic advice on customer development, company development, product planning, and new product introduction. We develop executable plans with measurable results to grow your business. Our focus is on early customers and early revenue for software startups.

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The Second Derivative helps software organization achieve their sales and marketing objectives by dramatically improving the success rates of their demos. The Great Demo! method enables organizations to create and deliver surprisingly effective software demonstrations. The Second Derivative offers workshops, coaching and consulting with a focus on the needs of organizations developing and selling business-to-business software.

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The idea is simple but effective: instead of reading a magazine while waiting, patients are handed a Phreesia WebPad where they can provide their demographics, complaints, and other basic registration information. The system is free for doctors and patients to electronically store and enter health data without affecting the normal office work flow. Additionally, the portal allows patients to learn about their medical problems and participate in ongoing question & answer sessions which provide them with other relevant information.

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