Fostering Technology Adoption: Early Customers & Early Revenue

Software companies typically have to convince prospects to adopt new technologies based on their shared history, their service track record, and their ability to accurately predict and deliver real results that overcome the cost and friction of adopting new tools and methodologies. There are a number of lessons we draw [...]

CINA Holiday Mixer

The CINA Holiday Mixer had a nice turnout: it was networking followed by a traditional twelve course Chinese lunch. All in all a relaxing couple of hours, and I enjoyed playing emcee. There were a number of folks who were new to Silicon Valley who got to make new friends [...]

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How To Ask An Expert For Help

Entrepreneurs often have to ask an expert for help. Here is some great advice by Andrea R. Nierenberg in the "Ask the Expert" column of this month's New York Enterprise report. Q: Like most small business owners, I find there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all I want to [...]

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On-line Tools for Startups

I am an small business owner. We are virtual team and use many on-line tools. These are ones that we actually pay for and use everyday: Calendar: WebEx, Central Desktop Contacts: WebEx, Central Desktop Design: Lucky Oliver for photos Logo Design: Logo Company, Logoworks Managing Money: Quickbooks Wiki, On-line Docs [...]

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CINA Holiday Mixer Sat-Dec-15

I have been invited to emcee this year's CINA Holiday mixer, it will be held at Fenwick on Saturday December 15, from 10am to 1pm (with lunch included). It should be a lot of fun. The CINACon 2007 Showcase participants in attendance will be asked to answer three questions: "What [...]

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One Name or Two for Product and Company

Athol Foden was a guest speaker at today's Bootstrapper Breakfast and he brought his passion for naming and deep knowledge of the issues that around it. One question that came up this morning--and comes up with a lot of very early stage teams--is whether or not to name the company [...]

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Entrepreneurial Innovation Comes More From Borrowing & Combining Than Invention

I came across a good quote on innovation and invention in a  2004 article in Fortune Magazine by Harold Evans called “What Drives America’s Greatest Innovators“ (emphasis added) [The] defining characteristic of the innovator: a determination to bring a brainwave into the bustle of the marketplace. […] More innovations come [...]

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