I have been invited to emcee this year’s CINA Holiday mixer, it will be held at Fenwick on Saturday December 15, from 10am to 1pm (with lunch included). It should be a lot of fun. The CINACon 2007 Showcase participants in attendance will be asked to answer three questions:

  • “What is it you do again?” (in 30 seconds or less, and those of you keeping score at home can compare that to their pitch at CINACon)
  • “What was one memorable thing from CINACon 2007?” (Our answer: “it was a great conference for entrepreneurs“).
  • “Tell us, in the next minute, two things you learned in 2007 you plan to apply in 2008”

Fenwick is at 801 California Street in Mountain View.

Register by e-mailing rsvp@cina.org